5 reasons why a winter cottage escape is the perfect alternative Christmas


Christmas is coming. The TV adverts have already started, there is a chill in the air and city markets have developed a more festive feel. Mulled wine is the order of the day, as are Elf repeats on every channel.


If you’re not quite ready to see Will Ferrell in a green elf hat yet, and you’re lacking that Christmas spirit, maybe it’s time to consider a different Christmas this year – and I don’t mean having a turkey curry on the 25th as opposed to a traditional roast.

Imaging waking up on Christmas day, surrounded by the loved ones with a great real tree in the corner of the cosy living room, real log fire burning away and carols on the radio. Outside the window is acre upon acre of snow-topped rolling hills and white trees. The lakes are frozen, the windows frosted. It’s the perfect white Christmas.

Of course, the likelihood of snow does depend on where you go off to on your cottage escape. The Scottish Highlands are a good bet, and also the fells and valleys of the Lake District. But in case you need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons why a winter cottage escape is the perfect alternative Christmas!



The fabled white Christmas seems rather rare now in the UK. Blame global warming, blame the government, but spending the morning making snowmen with the children and hurling snow balls at the better half are rare treats, especially for city dwellers.

Many of the best Christmas cottages are up in the hills, and by the 25th December the surrounding fields and hills are painted white by untouched snow, marked only by the paw-prints of the foraging wildlife.

There’s enough snow in the Highlands and Lakelands to make an army of snowmen, a fleet of snow angels and an arsenal of snowballs.



Giving and getting presents on Christmas day is, for the kids at least, what the big day is all about. But having that morning in a new romantic setting, with a roaring fire, twinkling tree and cosy snug to host the gift-giving will make this Christmas an even more special one.



With frozen lakes to skate across and snow-topped hills to sledge down, exploring the winter wonderland on your cottages doorstep will really make a Christmas cottage holiday come to life.

Embrace and immerse yourself in the romance of the picturesque scenery and explore the woodlands, take in the breathtaking views from atop the highest local mountain and roam the stunning villages and market towns with your family. A lake district cottage holiday would be a perfect start for your festive adventure.



Many families take part in the traditional post-Christmas dinner walk in the countryside or boxing day stroll. You could walk the same route you do every year, or you could discover your own adventure to help walk off that extra roast potato you just about found room for.



The Christmas break should be a time to forget the stresses of everyday life – a brief bubble of festive antics and serenity before work begins again in the new year.

A Christmas at home can certainly offer this, but those unopened bills are still in the top drawer, the hoover is still broken and the oven is always going to struggle with the mounds of food it is required to roast, bake and cook over the festive period.

Take a spiritual retreat, forget your worries and have a true Christmas cottage escape to the country. Book yourself and your loved ones a winter cottage, and maybe this year you’ll be in spirit of things by the time that Elf repeat comes around.