A Review of the Wine of the Month Club

I, with my husband enrolled to a wine of the month club, thanks to the couple that chose to stay with us on a weekend who extended the invitation to join the club. I think it as a wonderful gift of courtesy. Ever since joining the club, we receive two bottles of wine every month.

My husband doesnt care about wine and he asks me what to do with that much wine. I found a solution to the problem. I decided to use my membership at a club of different kind, a book club to make the most of the sample wine bottle I would receive from the wine club.

I met the members of the book club at a meeting and told them about the wine I get from the wine of the month club. Till then it is not a problem finishing off the wine. We picked a book on wine making, wine testing, wine sampling and stories of people related to wine making and serving industry. We are book club members, you see. The next meeting of the book club was planned at my home. By the time the meeting materialized, I had some unique bottles of wine. We discussed the book (really!) while sampling the wine. It was a nice thing to see wine of the month club was mentioned in the book. Now tell me what should I call the meeting wine of the month meeting or book club meeting?

I agree it was the loudest book club meeting we ever had. Different sampling wine glasses were emptied at regular intervals. It was great fun for everyone. Was it wine of the month club that added fun and value to our book club meeting or is it the other way round? It doesnt matter till we have something for our intellect and for our tongue as well.

The membership fee to the wine of the month club is quite reasonable and most of the book club members joined the club as a group. It is nice that the hostess always something unique for the guests, even in the form of wines. Some of the wines are great tasting while I dont really like all of them. It doesnt matter there will always be takers for the tastes that I personally dislike. It is only natural for us to note which wines perform well on our tongues and which one doesnt. We will be purchasing the ones that raised some prolific cheers.

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