Chinese Flower Tea and Its Health Benefits

Chinese culture has made a huge impact on the western world, with many people adopting elements of the lifestyle and enjoying the health benefits of traditional Chinese food and drink. There are a number of fascinating meals and beverages that originate from ancient Chinese history, however none is more beautiful than a cup of Chinese flower tea. 


The flowers tea are traditionally sourced from the Yunnan, a province of China found in the southwest of the country. The province itself is particularly mountainous and is home to the largest diversity of flora in the whole of China. This is why the flowers for this delicate tea tend to come from the area – flower species such as jasmine, lily, hibiscus and chrysanthemum thrive in the region and all contribute to this flavourful tea.

Health Benefits of Chinese Flower Tea

The health benefits of flower tea are numerous. The tea is full of antioxidant properties, can prevent stress, aid weight loss, boost vitality and even help decrease the risk of developing cancer. These are just a few of the reasons. One of the major health benefits of flower or flowering tea is that these teas are devoid of caffeine. Therefore, one does not suffer from any side effects associated with caffeine on having this tea. However, note that though pure flower teas have no caffeine flower green teas do contain caffeine. Following is a list of other health benefits associated with flower tea.










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