Digital Photography – Getting Started With Food Photography

Sometime when you go out for food, you will see people snapping pictures of their food. Doesn’t that make you want to capture your dish too? This article share some tips on how you can start in food photography by limiting your zone, having a tripod and building your experience…

When you see a picture of a delicious dish in a recipe book or magazine, don’t you feel hungry? Isn’t it amazing if you have the skill to take the picture yourself? Below are some of the tips you will need to excel in food photography

1. Tripod

Sometime you will need to photograph your food under low light condition and you are forced to use slow shutter speed for it. When you are using slow shutter speed, your camera is more sensitive to movement and you are going to be upset when the pictures come out blur.

So, when you are photographing under this kind of condition, you will need a tripod to stabilize your camera.

Tripods nowadays are built to be foldable, easy to carry, sturdy and light on your wallet. Now with this handy accessory by your side, you have more reason to enjoy digital photography.

2. Limit your zone

When you are doing food photography, you don’t always need to capture the whole dish. Showing part of it will make the food more alluring and seems more delicious.

You just want the essence of the food.

Let’s look at the example of chocolate pudding.

Now, imagine that you are looking at the pudding through your camera. Zoom in close to the edge of pudding and take your picture when the dark and hot chocolate sauce is flowing down to cover the rest of the pudding. You can make this a better picture if you can capture the steam from the sauce. Don’t you think this is a delicious picture?

When your viewers look at your picture, they will surely want a bite of the pudding.

3. Experience

Photographers who just trigger your craving for chocolate pudding don’t just drop from the sky. They practice and gain experience as they evolve. You can read all the articles or books about food photography and still be an amateur photographer. Because it is very important that photographers get their hands on the subject and truly experience the process of getting the best picture. When the picture gives you the right feeling then that is the one you are looking for.

So, start building your experience by starting with something simple like a fruit bowl. Remember to get a variety of fruits and arrange the bowl as how you want it to be. Then, take your picture from any angle you can possibly imagine. When you get that special picture you want, you are a step closer to excel in food photography.

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