Enjoy the most delicious South African Foods

Africa is not only known for its immense
natural beauty and culture, but for its great food too. If you want to taste
the finger-licking flavor of South African foods, you just need to visit any of
the local market and you will get it easily. In a local street in a town in South Africa
you can comfortably find Italian, Moroccan, Chinese, Portuguese and Indian
food, among others. From fantastic hamburger to sushi, you can find anything here
in South Africa.

Few of the South African foods include
crocodile sirloin, fried caterpillars and even sheep heads. You will find some
South Africans avoid these foods, while others do anything to get the food. As South Africa
has so many different cultures and beliefs, you will also come to know that
certain foods are eaten for various occasions.

Snake meat is one of the South African
foods that visitors might love to taste and is very popular among local cuisine
lovers. Foods such as biltong, which is a kind of dried and salted meat, may
not sound good but can make you addicted to it. The best way to enjoy it is to
take it during your road trip. In South Africa, it is known that a
rugby match cannot be watched without it. You can also try your tongue on
babotie, which is a highly-improved version of Shephard’s pie. On the other
hand, you can also try a traditional South African brrrai (BBQ) with boerewors
(hand-made farm sausage).

Since ancient times, Maize has been
widely used for African cuisine. Be it Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, or Xhosa, has a
diverse preference for eating it, although some dishes or meals have approval
by most of them. If you’re visiting South Africa, then you may find it
difficult to get access to these traditional dishes. The best idea is to visit
your local friend’s home and enjoy mom’s cooking or dad’s braai, as South
African home cooking is amazing.

Many people believe that South Africa
has got its rich culture due to its continuous search for food. The need for
refreshment provoked the Dutch East India Company to install a farm at the tip
of Africa. The company was drawn by spices to
Java during the mid 1600s and required a half-way refreshment halt for its

South African food is not only popular in
its home region but abroad as well. With the increasing globalization, today,
people can taste South African foods anywhere in the world.

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