Great Carpet Cleaning Remedy for a Tough Stain of Red Wine

While it may seem like a disaster if any red wine is spilled on a
carpet, red wine stains of a carpet can be treated, especially if it is
possible to act quickly. It is possible to remove the red wine stains
from the carpet and continue to use it without any unsightly marks.

Either way, spilled red wine usually creates panic, as red wine
stains are notorious for hanging around for life. Or until you throw out
the stained item.

The most important rule for removing red wine
stains is to do it immediately! No other stains sets so stubbornly and
hangs on for dear life more than red wine. You have a much higher
success rate at removing the stain completely if you attempt to remove
the red wine stain as soon as it occurs.One extra tip about red wine
stain removal: If you have a wet vac, keep it handy. This can save your
carpet, even your clothing, from red wine stains easily if you use it
quickly enough!

There are a number of ways in which a red wine stain can be removed from a carpet:

Using white wine:
  One effective way in which you can remove the red wine stains from a
carpet is to pour white wine onto it – be careful not to use too much as
it may soak the carpet and could cause some shrinkage. Then leave the
wine a few moments and start to rinse everything away using a little
water. Then remove as much water as possible using either paper of
ordinary towels. It is best to work from the outside of the stain
inwards. Also be careful not to “scrub” the carpet as this will show up

Using salt:   Another recognised
method for removing red wine stains from a carpet is to use salt. The
trick is to pour plenty of salt onto the affected area and then allow
the salt to soak up the red wine stain. It is often best to leave the
salt until it dries as brushing too soon may just allow some of the salt
to enter the carpet and the stain to remain.

So time and blotting
are what should be uppermost in your mind when you go about the task of
removing red wine stains from your carpet. Maybe we should add a third
rule: be calm, don’t get mad at the child or adult who accidentally
knocked over that glass! Red wine stains don’t justify replacing the
carpet because there are effective ways of getting rid of these stains.

the use of hydrogen peroxide has been suggested. This substance is a
powerful oxidising agent or bleach, and while it may remove the colour
of the wine, it may also remove the colour from the carpet leaving an
equally unsightly mark. When using hydrogen peroxide you have to be
careful, as it can in some rare cases bleach the color from a carpet.
That is why you only want to apply a small amount and let it settle in
order to see how it reacts to both the stain and the color in your
carpet’s fibers.

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