How to Use Compost Tumblers for Max Yields

Compost tumblers are
a great addition to enhance the productivity of your greenhouse because then
are designed to help the decomposition of plant material at a higher
temperature and they work faster than compost bins or compost buckets.

tumblers are available in many different sizes and styles; with some made to be
rolled on the ground and others mounted on stands with the larger types
containing gears to help them rotate for better circulation of air. A well
designed greenhouse can take advantage of having a composting system to help
recycle plant waste and have a steady supply of nutrient rich dirt for planting
or to enrich the soil.

Greenhouses can be
designed to work economically, especially if you use the resources available to
you, namely the solar energy put out by the sun and the energy and money you
save by using compost tumblers in your greenhouse. Most of these tumblers are
similar in design and use but some are of a better make. This is one area in
which it pays to do some research and read what other consumers are saying
about the compost tumbler you are interested in using. It makes sense to
purchase the tumbler that will last the longest and do the best job, this may
mean investing a bit more than you first intended but the payoff will worth it.


The advantage of
using a compost tumbler in the greenhouse is that with the warmth of the
greenhouse all year the compost will be further along in decomposing and ready
for use when you are ready to plant seeds for your fresh vegetables and flowers.
Some growers have a bale of straw that they use in the compost tumbler in
addition to the plant material for the greatest effectiveness in making
compost. If your greenhouse is a smaller or larger one then normal you may have
to decide which size of compost tumbler is correct for the space you have. You
can build your own compost tumbler if you choose to but it probably would be
better to buy one as they are well made and last a long period of time.


Combining the
benefits of greenhouses and compost systems is a great idea for improving the
quality of your vegetables and flowers as well as practising economic and
ecological practices that will help the environment. With the rising prices of
food and fresh vegetables it makes sense to use a greenhouse and the compost to
save money and reduce your expenses while enjoying more nutritious food for
your family.


Compost tumblers can
also be used outside the greenhouse on a stand or in a sunny spot of the yard
where they can benefit from the sunshine. For a larger area, the tumblers that
are mounted on frames are the best type to use, with the ones offering a twin
system becoming more popular because that way you have a rotating source of
compost that is ready close together without a long time waiting for the
compost to become ready to use.