Indian Costumes for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is a holiday that Americans have been celebrating for hundreds of years.  It is the day when the Native Americans and the settlers of the new world got together for a feast of peaceful unification.  As the story goes, both the Pilgrims and the Native Americans provided food for the feast and enjoyed the first unified, peaceful meal together in the new world

Of course, stories of this historical occasion vary greatly depending on whom you speak to.  Many historians believe that the entire Thanksgiving story is a farce and completely inaccurate.  Whatever the truth may be, the past is the past.  Today, it is a day of celebrating love and family.  Everyone gets together and enjoys a pleasant meal with each other and feels the effects of overindulgence for days.  It is an important day for the kids as well.  Later in life, they will develop their own ideas and beliefs regarding the holiday, but in their youth, it is an inspiring story.  They learn about it early in school and usually put on memorable Thanksgiving performances with classmates.  However, without the right Indian costumes, the day can prove to be a disaster.

Children can be surprisingly competitive and jealous.  If the other classmates have better Indian costumes for their holiday performance, the day may be ruined.  It is extremely important to kids to look their best for such occurrences.  They not only want to have pride in themselves, but they want to be proud to show off their performance to all of their family and friends.  They want to look their best, and who can blame them?  The Thanksgiving performance is a big deal in a young child’s life.

Although performances are generally reserved for the school stage, many children enjoy putting on additional performances with their siblings at home in front of the entire family.  Thanksgiving is one of those few holidays when family will gather from around the country to enjoy quality time together and is often the only day of the year in which this happens.  The children relish in the opportunity to proudly show off what they have learned in school.  They not only want to look great in front of the crowd at school, but they also want to look great for the private audience at home.  No matter where they are, they want to do and look their best.  It is important to encourage them and help build their confidence.

Some parents are very crafty.  They are able to put together high quality Indian costumes on their own with materials found in their home.  These are the same parents that can throw together home made outfits for Halloween and nobody in the neighborhood can tell the difference.  However, not all parents are so lucky to possess such handy skills.  Some simply do not have the time.  Lucky for them, there are plenty of stores close by to purchase ready to wear outfits for every Thanksgiving activity.  Even if there is not a store within a convenient distance, there are certainly opportunities to go online and find the perfect outfit for the kids.

Childhood is a time when confidence develops and life lessons are learned.  It is essential for parents to facilitate the growth of healthy confidence and show their children that they can be successful in anything they do.  Although dressing up in Indian costumes and performing may not seem like a life altering event, in a child’s mind, it is.  The great feeling they get from the praise of a quality performance will stay with them for a lifetime.