Letstrak GPS Child Tracker (Seniors and Pets, too!) Review

We’re giving this child GPS tracker a near top rating. We think it’s dependable and unobtrusive as well as a versatile tracker or many different situations and people.

For those times when you need to track more than just your child. This GPS tracking device works for children, seniors and pets. A GPS watch is good for children but try putting a bright pink watch on an elderly man or dog. It just doesn’t work out.

We like the Letstrak GPS tracking devices for kids because you it is even more low key than a watch or fob. For those children and elderly that don’t want to wear anything on their body (or refuse to be tracked) this is a GPS device that can placed in a pocket. We don’t recommend placing it in a back pack, school bag, purse or the likes for the simple reason that a detachable piece or accessory could be easily left somewhere. However, in that same range of thought, if you have a valuable brief case or purse-something that’s contents are very important to you then this tracker can be placed out of the way and provide you with an easy way to track your belongings. It is a very versatile piece of tracking gear.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the Letstrak GPS Tracker!

The Letstrak GPS Tracker can add peace of mind to users that want to track their child’s whereabouts and activities. Like we mentioned in the opening paragraphs, this tracker could also be use for seniors and pets, as well as a tracking device for briefcases and purses. Or anything that you’d like to track. We even had the idea of placing it in our car’s glove compartment and use it a less expensive tracking mechanism than the contracted car GPS locators.