Multiflora rose extract

Wild Rosa fruit, scientific name is multiflora rose, also known as wild rose, the mountain rosa fruit, belong to rosaceae. This fruit is nutritious, and people pick a large number for feed or for tea, sparkling wine. 

In recent years, a large number of
studies have shown that it also has the role of anti-aging, prevention and
treatment of cardiovascular disease. At present, the wild rosa
as a natural health medicines is increasing emphasis and extensive development.

The role of anti-aging, anti-fatigue, resist
hypoxia and like sex hormone: wild rosa fruit can
increase superoxide dismutase activity of the human body, and inhibit the
formation of oxidized lipids and lipofuscin, remove the body’s harmful free
radicals, thereby delaying aging. The wild rosa
wine agents can significantly improve symptoms of elderly insomnia, fatigue,
forgetfulness, and sexual function decline.

The role on the cardiovascular system and
strengthening immune: the wild rosa fruit’s water extract and alcohol extract can
reduce a person’s blood pressure and cerebral vascular resistance and increased
coronary blood flow, inhibit platelet aggregation and prolong clotting time,
inhibition of thrombosis.

The role of hepatoprotective, anti-cancer,
promote intelligence: Wild rosa fruit have significantly antagonism effect on
the experimental alcohol, carbon tetrachloride and sodium nitrite plus the
amino pyrazoline caused liver damage, can inhibit the liver-damaging agents on people’s
alanine aminotransferase increased and fibrosis of the liver cell
transformation, this effect may be related with wild Rosa fruit rich in oleanolic
acid and vitamin C. Nitrogen – nitroso compounds is a strong carcinogen,
closely related to the occurrence of certain human tumor. Wild rosa fruit blocks dimethylnitrosamine synthesis in
animals’ body, its blocking rate is (98.49%), much higher than the same
concentration of VC blocking rate (9.04%). In addition, wild rosa
fruit can antagonistic body injury caused by radioactive radiation, can prevent
radiation carcinogenesis. Through jumping test, the maze test and drug test,
the wild rosa fruit preparations can
significantly improve human memory.

Rosa fruit contains a variety of nutrients, so its function is unique.
Natural rosa fruit is a good drug in treating vitamin
deficiency, various preparations used to treat high blood pressure,
atherosclerosis, stroke, liver, kidney, stomach ulcer. Wild rosa
fruit extract for treatment of chronic hepatitis and intestinal diseases. The
seed oil is used to treat nutritional insufficiency ulcers, skin diseases,
colitis and hemorrhoids. Sticks, soup orally to treat dysentery, rheumatism and
nerve root inflammation. Seeds or roots boiled soup is a good agent to dissolve
any stones in the body. Plant
extract manufacturers researched found that natural rosa fruit have
significant anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, anti-anoxia, remove blood
clots, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, cancer therapy, physical
impotence, brain Zengzhi, longevity effect. For children malnutrition, mental
retardation due to zinc deficiency also have a significant effect. This shows
that the natural rosa fruit is a rare medicine
and valuable resource.

Natural xanthina’s body is all treasure, widely
application. Not only the fruit with high nutritional value, but also the flowers,
leaves, roots, seeds have use value. Recognized by the relevant experts;
flowers of multiflora rose can be extracted rosa fruit oil, popular in the
international market, the price is higher than gold; can also extract pigments,
flavors for food and beverage; the leaf can be formulated tea, with physical
strengthen, hematopoietic, anti-inflammatory effect; roots, can be used as pharmaceutical
raw materials, in cure cough, dysentery; seeds, extract edible oil,
used in cosmetics production, also can make drugs, cure skin diseases, colitis,
and a variety of calculus, seeds and seed cake can be used as feed, feed shrimp,
feed chicken to promote the growth rate and laying rate.