Vampire Romance Books Are the In Thing Today

The Twilight Saga has garnered the attention of a lot of readers because of the extraordinary love story between an ordinary human like Bella and a powerful vampire like Edward. Vampire romance novels are hitting the bookstores like a storm, and if you want to fully understand why this is happening, why not buy a vampire romance novel for yourself to read?

I noticed something different the last time I visited my favorite bookstore: a lot of vampire Romance Books are on display, and the classic Romance Novels are now stacked at the back.Since Twilights rise to fame, every author wants to be like Stephenie Meyer, hence the rising popularity of vampire novels.Vampires and monsters became popular since the first release of Dracula movies, but today books like Twilight have sparked the interest of both the young and old generation alike.Twilight Saga has not only brought a new era for todays vampire lovers, but it also introduced a love story in a bizarre world setting.Since its release a few years back, people have seen vampires in an entirely new light.They are now the good guys that could be the best boyfriend every girl is dreaming of.Why people thought it was good Stephenie Meyer is not that good of a writer, but she was able to entice the readers into believing that a guy like Edward does exist.The idea of the book came into her dream and through her creativity, she was able to make vampire lovers believe the twisted love story of the protagonists.She was able to intensify the characters in such a way that readers could imagine that a relationship with a vampire could be achieved the same as that of human-to-human relationship.This has brought hope to women who have been deprived of love, and to fulfill their fantasies they choose to read the complete Twilight Saga.There are also other vampire romance genre that have replaced Erotic Books in most bookstores.The younger generation is looking forward more to reading unbelievable love stories between humans and vampires, than opening the covers of classical lover stories such as Gone With The Wind or Great Expectations.Its popularity One reason why vampire romance books are a big hit nowadays is because most women can relate to the intensity in the vampire-human relationship.Every woman has a secret desire of such a hot story, but not all have achieved it.Another reason why every girl cant take enough of Edward is because he is characterized as a vampire with extraordinary powers and skills, and let me tell you, these are things a woman cant resist.The vampire hero is described as the most handsome, strongest, and most intense lover, so much so that it even came to a point that hes willing to risk his life just for Bella.This is the reason why most women fantasize about the hero portrayed in the book without any guilt, since nobody exists like that in the real life.Bella is just an ordinary girl who doesnt really stand out because shes clumsy and not that pretty.This fact gave hope to many women, since if someone like her can find an extraordinary guy like Edward, they too can find their own hero.

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